Getting Started

Start your investing journey, risk-free, with the Untrading Testnet!

Level up your crypto game before launch, without breaking the bank. Here's how:

Before you begin:

  • Gear up: You'll need a Web3-friendly browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave) and a MetaMask wallet connected to Ethereum and Polygon testnets (or any WalletConnect-compatible wallet).
  • Fuel up: Get some test ETH and MATIC in your wallet. We'll top you up if needed, don't worry!
  • Brush up: Basic crypto trading knowledge is helpful, but no worries, we'll guide you through everything.

Now, let's dive in:

Step 1: Grab your test crypto

  • Click the "Test Tokens" button on (see above).
  • Mint test ETH directly on Sepolia, or swap it for test tokens like WBTC, WETH, USDT, or USDC on Goerli and Mumbai testnets. Think of them as play money for real-life trading practice.

Step 2: Buy like a pro

  • Use your test tokens to buy unBTC, unETH, unSOL, unLINK, unUNI, or UN² on the Untrading marketplace. It's just like buying crypto on a real exchange, but with play money. Choose an offering, set your amount, and hit buy!

Step 3: Wrap it up (literally):

  • In Untrading, you use special wrapped tokens called unBTC, unETH, unSOL, unLINK, unUNI, and UN². These versions of WBTC, WETH, SOL, LINK, UNI, and UN work seamlessly with the platform's features. Wrap your tokens by selecting them, entering the amount, and hitting "Wrap." Pay attention to Untrading-specific details like the Total Reward Ratio, Future Reward Ratio, and Generation count - they determine how your profits are shared.

Step 4: List and Sell on your terms

  • List your wrapped tokens for sale. Set the price and quantity, just like placing a real sell order. Practice offering your assets to the market and manage them to your advantage.

The big picture: Learn, experiment, and win

The Untrading testnet is your zero-risk sandbox to explore trading, wrapping, and asset management. Try different strategies, test the platform's features, and understand the innovative Future Rewards system. It's all a simulation, but the skills and knowledge you gain are real-world gold.

So, play, learn, and get ready to conquer the real crypto market - all thanks to the Untrading Testnet! And, bonus points: you just earned $50 in UN Token Rewards!